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Well, I had this idea a few days ago in a muggy summer night in August. I was fascinated by Alex Tew's Million Dollar Hompage in 2005 and kept it always in my mind. One night I suddendly woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and thought: "Why don't you do anything with QR codes, which are now seeing more and more in everyday life?"One second later, I remembered the pixel idea of Alex Tew and it was crystal clear for me - I could associate this pixel idea with QR codes.

The 'Crazy Million Dollar Homepage' was born ...

I developed this idea a little further and I offer the pixels for sale ($1 per pixel), but my home page should be a collection of many different QR codes. I will try to sell 1,000,000 pixels, for $1 each. Moreover, I will plant a sapling for each pixel block (10x10 pixels). Later, a forest of 10,000 trees will grow. And at the end there will be a raffle in which the pixel buyers can win a new iPhone5.

I thought that this idea could be so mad, that I encourage the people's imagination and they often call my home page. If people are curious enough to find out which hidden messages are behind the QR codes, then hopefully they will often visit this page. Only in this way, the pixels will have a high value and the people will buy them to place for example hidden messages or advertising.
Ok, this is pretty crazy and in theory, but maybe it works. I would love to find out if my idea works. If not, then I had tried at least. I have got lose nothing by trying.
The last few days i have spent to develope my idea and install the script.
So don't hesitate to by some pixels!